Hey! Trade what you have, for what you want!

Welcome to SwapLockers — We are a Trading site for kid's stuff.

Trade, barter, swap — yup, that's who we are. We had a vision of a site where you can get VALUE for the things you have by trading them for things you want. So we built SwapLockers.

Think about it this way — if you donate, consign or list on eBay, you will likely get 5% - 10% of the value of your item, but on SwapLockers, you can trade it and get full value!

So trade what you have — games, electronics, collectables, clothes, accessories, books…for things you want or need.

We are a little different and, we hope, a little better.

Why us? There are certainly other swap / trading / barter sites out there, so… Well, we noticed a few things:

  1. First, other sites generally focus on one product — like dresses, or video games, or sneakers.
  2. Second, other sites seem to be good at showing you what other people have, but don't do much more.
  3. Third, other sites seem generally designed for adults to use.
  4. Last, we have Partner Lockers!

Here at SwapLockers we are going to do it a little differently, and we hope a little better.

So, a little different…

  1. We are focused on kid's stuff — all of it. (Prom dresses, gaming, sports equipment, musical instruments, collectables, jewelry, electronics, etc.) So, if you're not using it anymore, or the new version came out, or you outgrew it, that's fine but instead of discarding it, Trade it for something you do want or need.

    By focusing on all kid's stuff, we think it's easier design a Trade. You can trade sports equipment for musical instruments or books for games or electronics for clothes or any other combination.

  2. We help get the trade done.

    • You assign values to your items — just tell us what you paid for it or what it is worth to you.
    • You search for what you want — by category, etc.
    • You offer a trade — no texting, no emailing, no chatting – just a straight up offer to get the ball rolling.
    • You negotiate: Accept / Counter / Decline — offer more, ask for more, add value with Points (a SwapLocker virtual currency) to sweeten the offer, ask for Points to make the Trade more even. The value traded doesn't have to equal the value received – just set up a trade that's fair for you. Have fun, get stuff!

    In the future, we will even do more:

    • We will have an app! (sign up, sign in, track trades, post items, get notifications — all on your mobile device).
    • You will be able to personalize your locker.
    • You will be able to create wish lists and get notifications.
    • You will be able to search any way you like – by value, by location, by type, etc.
    • You will be able to track shipping and coordinate with your trading partner.
    • You will be able to rate your trading partners.
  3. We are designed for kid's stuff.

    Adults have lots of ways to buy and sell stuff. But kids really just have their stuff — so we decided to create a place where kid's stuff can be like money — let's monetize through Trades.

  4. We have "Points" — its not always possible to find a perfect trading match so we created Points. (In fairness, lots of sites have a form of virtual currency.) You can trade for points or with points — use a few or use a lot. In fact, when you first sign up — we give you 15 Points to help you get going.

  5. We have Partner Lockers — So this is a little different, hopefully really helpful. We have partnered with youth-centric organizations who need kid's stuff — organizations such as middle and high schools, such as the YMCA, such as recreational sports programs, such as local charities and religious organizations. These are the, usually, local organizations to whom we typically donate our used goods — they need them.

    SwapLockers thinks we should continue to be charitable, so as an added incentive, if you donate via SwapLockers, our Partners will trade you Points that you can use to trade for things you want / need.

    • So, if no one wants your used clothes, Trade with a Partner (try your Church)
    • If no one wants your used books or movies, Trade with a Partner (try the Media Center at school)
    • If no one wants your sporting equipment, Trade with a Partner (try your local rec program)…

    It's a great way to monetize kid's stuff that is still good but maybe not on someone's wish list. And SwapLockers will even help generate tax donation receipts for our Partners / Users.

Our mission is Fun, Fair, Friendly.


Baseball card trading, sticker trading, pin trading, property trading in Monopoly, and stock trading. Trading is fun and we are working hard to create a dynamic, easy to use bartering environment where the thrill of the trade and the deal is very much present.


It's up to you. Trades don't have to be exactly equal, just Fair from your point of view. We even have a fairness meter on the trading page to help guide you. In the future, you will be able to rate the other traders so everything stays above board on the site.


It's easy. Search — no endless lists of subcategories upon subcategories to find what you want but tag words that make sense. We'll help you with payment, we'll help you with shipping, we'll help you post pictures from your smartphone. Auto-fill-in, Back to top, Pop up directions — we'll do whatever it takes to get you through boring processes fast so you can search, trade and have fun.

We hope as you use the site you will learn a little about the Value of what you have, learn a little about negotiation, learn a little about honest representation, learn a little about keeping a good reputation, and learn a little about marketing. But we are really hoping you will have fun and get things you want.

So, Trade what you have for what you want.