Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SwapLockers?

SwapLockers is a company founded by three moms with nine kids who have spent too much time and money on kid’s stuff :)

Actually, the idea for SwapLockers came from two boys — Zak and Dalton. Zak was wearing a pair of Nike LeBrons that he was soon to replace and Dalton wanted the sneakers. So Zak asked “whatch ya got for them?” and they traded. Dalton said “wouldn’t it be cool if you could do this online?” and SwapLockers was born.

Is this for grown-ups or for kids?

It is for kid’s stuff — traders of all shapes and sizes are welcome.

If it’s for kids, is it safe?

Yes. SwapLockers has spent a lot of time on this. Here are a few solutions we’ve come up with:

  • It’s a trading site — searching and trading are the activities on the site. SwapLockers is not a social networking site. There are no personal pictures, there’s no chatting, there’s no texting, there’s no emailing etc… There are none of the activities we usually associate with trouble.
  • We don’t yet need your personal information. At some point, SwapLockers may advertise or allow you to “click through” to other sites based upon your behavior on the site, but not today. We do ask for your birthdate and credit card information. Why?
  • We will use your credit card information to charge a fee for any trades made on the site. That’s all.
  • We will use your birthdate to determine if you are under 13. If older, then you get your own account. If younger, then we attach your account to one of a parent or guardian. Kids under 13 get additional oversight.

What kind of oversight? That’s up to the guardian. We are building functionality to let you decide:

  • Do you want to authorize every item posted?
  • Do you want to be notified when an item is posted? If not, do you want a monthly summary to review?
  • Do you want to authorize every trade?
  • Do you simply want to be notified of every trade? If not, do you want a monthly summary to review?
  • Do you want to authorize every charge?
  • Can your child charge shipping?
  • Can your child charge for Points?
  • Do you want to be notified when your account is charged?

What type of stuff can I post?

Anything PG. Anything R-rated will be blocked.

What do you have? Electronics, Media, Apparel, Sports Equipment, Gaming, Accessories, Collectables etc. It’s all good. There’s no rule as to what can be listed beyond the PG guide. You just have to ask yourself, “would someone else want this?”

Oh yeah, no live animals, services, or food. Just stuff for now.

What are Partner Lockers?

While the majority of Lockers will belong to Traders, SwapLockers is partnering with local, youth-based organizations such as schools, sports organizations, community centers and charitable organizations as well. The idea is some items that traditionally are great donations, may not trade well on the site but we still want to give you a way to get value for these goods. So trade with (e.g. donate to) our Partners in exchange for Points that you can use to trade for items you want throughout the site.

Everything has value to someone, SwapLockers is dedicated to finding you all the trading partners you need.

Is there a cost to this?

There will be. Right now, since we are new, everything is free, but…

Long term, if it were free we would go out of business. So, when a trade is agreed upon, SwapLockers will charge each participant a fee. Every new trader will get 15 points in their Locker and a two week free trial but after that…

In the future, you will be able to buy points (we won’t buy them back nor will we help you sell them.) In the future, we will have music downloads and licensed images and graphics with which to decorate your locker, for a charge. But the only required fee will be one for trading.

How does shipping work?

For now, when a trade is agreed upon, SwapLockers will provide the recipients addresses so that the traders can ship the goods. In the future, we will help with shipping by letting you print shipping labels from the site, by letting you use a SwapLockers shipping account that will have discounted pricing, by providing tracking and notification alerts etc.

We are even thinking of sending you boxes when you sign up. Anything we can do to make this easier, we will.

What if I send mine but they don’t send theirs?

If the other trader can’t provide a tracking number or otherwise verify that they have shipped the item to you, SwapLockers will compensate you with points in your Locker. We can’t get your items back but we can at least help you go get what you want from someone who will follow through.

In the Terms and Conditions of the site, we have a condition that says if we determine that you are deliberately trying to defraud the site and your counter-party, we will charge your credit card for the value of the good(s) not sent. We really never want to do this. But in case someone gets the funny idea that they can trade and trade and trade and receive all sorts of stuff and never send anything in exchange — this should be a strong deterrent to such fraudulent behavior.

Just like on eBay, in the future, SwapLockers will have a reputational feature in the site. We will encourage our traders to rate their experiences with other traders and let the community know if you are a trader of your word. And just like eBay, in the future, we will have an escrow feature for points transfer. Just give us a little time to build everything.

What if what I get isn’t any good?

We expect that most of the items on the site will be used goods and we hope people understand that that means the items will not be in perfect condition. But there are varying degrees of used so when a trader posts something in their locker we ask about the item's condition. Is it in:

  • Excellent condition
  • Good condition
  • Fair condition

When you receive the item, if you find and verify that the item was misrepresented, you can contact customer support at and we will very likely restore the points in the trade to your account.

We hope we’ve anticipated your questions, but maybe not. Just send your question to and we’ll answer you to the best of our ability and probably post the question and answer into the FAQs section so everyone can benefit. Thanks so much,