Welcome! We are a trading site for kid's stuff.

We've all been there… You grow out of it. You already read it or watched it. You've stopped playing with it… You find yourself with bags of still-good clothes, toys, sports equipment, musical equipment etc. that Mom drops off at the local charity and when the trunk is empty you shop for the next generation of stuff.

Welcome to SwapLockers

Here at SwapLockers we believe all that stuff — used or new — has VALUE. So we asked: how do you best realize that value?

You can sell through eBay or Craig's List or Consignment Shops. That works, but you typically get very, very little value this way. You can donate to your local charity, which is a really good thing to do, but you get no material value this way. Or you can trade it, which historically has been the best way to get equal value for what you have. So we decided to create a website where you can TRADE the things you have for the things you want or need.

How does this work?

Everyone gets an account and with an account you get a Locker (ahhh, Swap Lockers). Just like at school, your locker is where you put your stuff. On our site, it's a virtual place with pictures of your stuff. It's a place you will decorate, make your own and express your individuality — not with comments or personal pictures, this isn't a social networking site — but with fonts, designs, music, logos, and images that tell everyone who you are and what you're about.

So, you post a picture into your locker and fill out a short description of the item. Just tell everyone else what they need to know about your item. For example, what is it? who makes it? what size is it? what condition is it in? what size box would it fit in?

Then assign a value to your item. We suggest you assign what you paid for it. We know it's not new — but it's very hard to say what a used item is worth. So rather than guess, just start with what you paid for it. On SwapLockers you are going to be trading items so it doesn't really matter what the value is only that what you trade for has comparable value.

Trade ya!

Now that you have stuff to trade in your locker, it's time to find stuff you want in other people's lockers. (Psst, you can search for what you want even before you setup a locker) So search away. You can search by category, by locker, by direction — however you want. Sometimes when I go shopping I know exactly what I want—so I use a directed search with a lots of very specific tag words. But sometimes I am not quite sure what I want and so I like to browse in general categories. Sometimes I want to see seasonal items. Sometimes I want to know what's hot or what other people are recommending or what's new. Search away, any way you want. We are betting that at some point you will find something you want in someone else's locker.

Now, trading begins :)

Go ahead and ask for it.

"Hey, Locker 321, I would like your skateboard (valued at 80). And I would like to offer you my Twilight DVD collection (valued at 65.)”"

Actually, what you are going to do is click on a button that says Swap and put the items on the trading page. Then the nice folks who host SwapLockers.com are going to send the owner of Locker 321 (let's call him Bobby) a notification indicating that you offered a set of DVD's for his skateboard. (There's no chatting at SwapLockers.)

Bobby then gets to decide — do I want the DVD's? He can say yes or he can look in your Locker and see what else you have. Maybe he wants your tennis racquet (valued at 40), maybe he wants your electronic keyboard (valued at 85). Maybe he wants your keyboard and some Points (extra value.) Maybe he doesn't want anything in your Locker but will take points for the skateboard.

So Bobby will Accept your offer, Counter-offer or Decline your offer and through SwapLockers you can have a conversation and negotiate a trade. At the end perhaps you have traded your DVD's and some points for the skateboard and everyone is happy.

It's like baseball card trading, or Monopoly card trading, it's horse trading, it's negotiating, it's the thrill of the deal — it's all good. The values on the site are only guides. SwapLockers is OK with whatever trade you agree to. What's important is that you and Locker 321 each get what you want and realize Value in what you have.

Points? Yes, points. On SwapLockers, we have a virtual currency, Points. It's sometimes going to be hard to find a perfect trade so SwapLockers has partnered with some youth-centric organizations, such as the YMCA and schools and charities, who need kid's stuff. So if you can't find a Swap, go ahead and trade your items with a Partner who will trade you points that you can use everywhere else.

Now what?

Well now, you need to get your skateboard and Bobby needs to get his DVD's. So put your items in boxes and ship them off. Once received, the trade is complete and everyone's happy.

Of course, there's a lot more to this and we are sure you have a lot of questions such as:

  • Is there a cost to this?
  • How does shipping work?
  • What if I send mine but they don't send theirs?
  • What if what I get isn't any good?
  • What about parental controls?
  • Who are the people behind SwapLockers?
  • Is this for grown ups or for kids?
  • What types of stuff can I post?

So feel free to go to FAQs or send us a note at questions@swaplockers.com