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  • Value: 95
    If you're a fan of Paul Konerko or the White Sox this is a must have. Really rare autographed BGS 8.5 Rookie. These are impossible to find. Please note, I only swap for points and an item. I like having points, but I like stuff even more. I've got kids of all ages. From 3 to 19. So if you want this, please try to have some of the following types of stuff in your own locker to trade. In case you are new to the site, more trades happen if you do a deal with points and an item. So start listing items! Legos Kids Sporting Goods Kids Toys Video Games (XBOX) Posters Original Art Comic Books

    Found in: Other
  • Value: 200
    Jenny Finch Signed Softball

    Found in: Signed Items
  • Value: 10
    it is in excellent condition

    Found in: Other
  • Value: 90
    its a dragon chess set. It's made of glass

    Found in: Other

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